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Surprising Facts About UTI

Proper functioning of every system in the human body is necessary to maintain the metabolism and prevent complications. Every body system has sufficient good bacteria that are beneficial for the body. However, overgrowth of the bacteria can lead to severe infections. Urinary tract infection is one of the infective conditions in which the overgrowth of bacteria infects the urinary system. It can involve any part of the urinary system, for example, kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra. Moreover, it is more common in females than males. It’s essential to be aware of such conditions and have knowledge based on facts. This blog post will discuss some surprising facts related to unary tract infections.

Catheters Can Put You At Risk Of Getting An Infection:

The risk of getting urinary tract infection is high in patients that have inserted catheters; the bacteria on the catheter can invade the urinary tract and promote the overgrowth of microorganisms. Catheter-induced urinary tract infection is one of the most common types of UTI, regardless of gender.

Cranberry Can Be Beneficial For Women:

Cranberry is one of the well-known natural treatments for infective conditions. Elements found naturally in the cranberry help prevent the overgrowth of bacteria. Moreover, it prevents bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder and kidney. Research has demonstrated that using cranberry juice can be beneficial for preventing UTIs in women.

Diabetes Can Lead to UTI:

Diabetic patients are at more risk of developing urinary tract infections as diabetes not only suppresses the body’s defence system but also diminishes the blood supply to the kidneys, thus decreasing the efficacy of the body to fight the bacteria effectively.

Fever And Back Pain Can Accompany UTIs.

Fever caused due to cold weather or sneezing or coughing often accompanies seasonal changes. However, most of the time, people complain of having a high fever without any other symptoms except back pain. Experts suggest a high fever with back pain can indicate a urinary tract infection.

Untreated Urinary Tract Infections Can Cause Serious Complications.

It’s imperative to timely diagnose the urinary tract infection and seek proper treatment with an antibiotic course. If UTI is left untreated, the bacteria can immensely invade the urinary system, leading to scarring of bladder walls and further damage.

It’s Crucial To Recognise The Hallmarks of UTIs:

Sometimes people are unaware of urinary tract infections hallmark symptoms. Often urinary tract infection does not present with pain, especially in children. Thus, it is vital to understand other signs and symptoms. According to STD Clinic London symptoms that are vital indicators of urinary tract infections are:

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