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The 5 Best Mobile Apps For Wheelchair Users

Technology has given us a great opportunity to have instant access to all of our favorite apps, like Instagram and YouTube. However, there are also other apps that can serve more practical purposes for you – such as navigating, finding a restaurant nearby, or even something fun like playing games.

When it comes to mobile apps for people in a wheelchair, you may be wondering what is out there. No need to despair, because we are here to let you know of a couple of hidden gems in the app world that will make your life easier. We will look at the 5 best apps for wheelchair users.

5 Mobile Apps Every Wheelchair User Should Have

Urban Spoon

If you are looking for a great place to eat but are worried it might not have disability access, then you are in luck because Urban Spoon has just what you need. It has over 1 million restaurants that you can sort by distance, rating or cuisine. It also has detailed photos of the restaurant’s interior, that gives you an idea on the accessibility of each restaurant.

Olympus Dictation

Well, you may not need to hold a pen or type if your app has the awesome mobile dictation. Olympus is the perfect solution for any wheelchair user because it will allow you to dictate your notes. If you are unable to use your hands then you do not need to struggle through college lectures or meetings. Just get Olympus dictation.


Skype may seem like an obvious app as most people have it or are using it. However, it has assistive features such as a screen reader, speech to text function, a magnifier, and high contrast settings intended to help people with disability navigate easily. With Skype you don’t need to travel long distances to see your loved ones. Connect with friends and family from wherever you are with ease.

Uber Taxis App

Uber technology is helping to increase mobility for people with disabilities. All you have to do is request a car from your phone and they will come pick you up. With Uber access, cars have an entry ramp with restraints ensuring safety for people with disability. In addition, the uber drivers have training on how to assist people with disability throughout the trip. As such the Uber Taxis app is a great addition to your mobile app collection.

Wheel Map

Wheel map is an intuitive app that gives you information on accessible locations in your area. As an iPhone user you will be able to update all the accessible locations.  It gives users information on areas that are easy to access. What’s more, you get to build a community around you that you share information with on new exciting and accessible places to visit.

There you have it, our favorite apps for people with disability. We reckon that there a lot of apps out there and we have just covered a few. However, we would like to hear from you in our comment sections. What apps for wheelchair users are you using?