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What To Know About Dental Implants In Fort Lauderdale

When looking at dental implants in Fort Lauderdale you need to be able to rely on professional guidance and knowledge to understand what it is you need. With a range of solutions on offer to improve your oral health, having the right fixes at the ready ensures you can care for your hygiene and wellbeing within your mouth. Read on to find out what you need to know about these solutions.

A High Success Rate

One of the most beneficial parts of having a modern fitting like these out is that the success rate of modern techniques is far higher compared to the more traditional methods. With more professional insight and more accurate tools available, the entire process is more streamlined and effective as a procedure. You can rest easy knowing you will have an entirely positive experience.

Look Like Natural Teeth

One of the major benefits of these newer inserts is their ability to perfectly mimic natural teeth and dental structures. These inserts are specially designed to look and act like normal, natural teeth. The titanium post on the bottom takes the place of the natural tooth root and offers support and strength to the entire structure of the mothy, making a more effective seal in the mouth. Once the insert has been installed, and the surgical site has healed, the metal will no longer be visible within the mouth itself. The crown, bridge, or denture that is inserted is the only part that is seen in the mouth once all elements are healed correctly. This is a prosthetic and replaces the previous natural tooth.


One factor that places dental implants above other choices, such as dentures is comfort. Dental implants are attached directly to the jaw, in the exact space, a tooth would be. This means the implant will not move around or slip in the way a denture might. The strength of the dental implant also means you can chew properly, without having to worry too much about the strength of the prosthetic.


An insertion like this is fairly small compared to many other tooth replacement options and will not stand out from your mouth like an eyesore. If you get a single tooth taken care of, it will not cover any other part of the teeth or the roof of your mouth, but fit into the form of your mouth ideally as if it was a natural piece.

Cosmetic Improvement

Cosmetically these solutions are far more appreciated as they retain colour and shape, as well as strengthen the structure of your jaw and mouth. A tooth inserted in these manners can add a great deal of improvement to the appearance of your mouth and ensure a clean and straight smile that looks natural. A missing tooth can not only impact the structure of your mouth but also your self-confidence and ability to live life. With a more effective solution in hand you can proudly smile your way through your days while maintaining the health of your mouth as well as connected passages. Following an implant, you could consider teeth whitening to ensure all elements are the same colour or shade, at the same time colour matching is are also available. Some might also consider veneers for a brighter and healthier-looking smile on top of the missing tooth replacement or gap fill.

No Decay

Unlike the rest of your teeth, the material of your new insert is not one that cannot decay and degrade over a period of time. The metal post is titanium, and the prosthetic is made of artificial materials. This might be porcelain or a composite resin. While you still need to brush and floss your teeth, you do not have to worry about the potential for cavities when it comes to any teeth that have been replaced by implants. Your main concern is to ensure they are kept clean and presentable over time.

Easy To Clean

Tooth replacement options such as dentures can be challenging to maintain and clean, meaning you usually have to adapt new oral hygiene practices in addition to old ones in order to maintain your health. Dental implants have no such requirements. Because the insert has the shape, size, and placement of a regular tooth, once it has healed and become integrated into the mouth, it needs only regular care that is expected in day to day hygiene routine. Brushing, flossing, and other care generally recommended by your dentist should be adequate to maintain healthy teeth.

Dental implants are a favourite service in Fort Lauderdale as they deliver effective and efficient solutions to the world of hygiene and personal health. Contact our professionasl today to find out more about these services.