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The Answers Behind Broad Spectrum CBD

Unless you understand the science behind cannabinoids it might be a bit difficult to grasp the different meanings of the various vessels that contain CBD. Whether it is broad-spectrum CBD or a CBD isolate compound the fact remains that whatever the product is, it contains CBD. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand hemp extracts, and what they can do. All you have to do is understand what CBD is and how it is presented to you as a product.

First Things First – What is CBD?

CBD is actually short for cannabidiol. Cannabdiol is a phytocannabinoid that is present in the cannabis plant. Another popular phytocannabinoid, also called cannabinoid that is present in that same plant is tetrahydrocannabinol – also known as THC. A large number of people that enjoy the effects of THC smoke cannabis for recreational purposes on a regular basis so they can remain “stoned” for as much of life as they possibly can be.

CBD, on the other hand, does not offer the psychoactive effects that THC does. Although scientists and CBD enthusiasts around the world are working on a clear answer of how CBD affects the brain and the body, there is no straightforward facts that will satisfy the government enough to officially approve the use of it. Still yet, people from all around the world use it every day and swear that it does great things for them.

In short, CBD is a cannabinoid that is abundant in the hemp plant. Scientists believe that cannabinoids exist within the hemp plant as a part of its survival system. Some of the cannabinoids help to repel pests that would otherwise eat the plant and kill it, while other cannabinoids make the plant attractive enough to get the attention of pollinating insects that the plants rely on in order to keep procreating. The truth is that there is no solid evidence that tells us the exact reason why cannabinoids exist.

Hemp Extracts and Spectrums

Since there is so much buzz going around about the benefits of CBD, what better way to market the product than to use its name…no matter what the rest of the ingredients are? For instance, when you buy a bag of potato chips you are buying them because you want the chips. However, the ingredients that make up the chips are a whole list of varying fats, salts, and other parts of the factors that make up the potato chips. And so it is with CBD. CBD, in fact, is actually only a small part of a hemp extract.

A full-spectrum hemp extract is when the entire essence of the hemp plant is extracted from the plant and stored in a solution such as an oil or an alcohol. When you use a full-spectrum product you are getting the full spectrum of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that exist in the plant all in one product.

Cannabinoids Flavonoids and Terpenes

One of the best kept secrets about cannabis is that it is chock full of compounds that make up its structure and allow it to be the majestic plant that it is. The more you understand about cannabis, hemp, and marijuana, the better you can see the value in the products that stem from them.

We discussed what cannabinoids are earlier in this article, but we did not touch on terpenes and flavonoids. This is where things get a bit interesting.

Flavonoids are compounds that are found in fruits and vegetables. They are naturally occuring entities that grace plants that they abide in with specific scents and flavors. What they do for humans and animals is offer powerful antioxidant properties and help to relive inflammation. This is exactly why doctors recommend certain fruits and vegetables to help with reducing inflammation and fighting off free radicals.

Terpenes are much like flavonoids, but they have a much stronger presence in the plants and can dominate a species of plant. For example, have you ever smelled a cannabis plant? Have you ever smelled another plant that smells like cannabis? The reason why is that plants tend to have their very own terpenes and flavonoids that make them unique and different from the rest of them.

When it comes to powerful hemp plants, the farmers that grow them breed them in a way that restricts the amount of THC that they produce, but promotes the amount of the rest of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that the plant produces. The end result is a high-quality hemp plant that delivers a holistic punch.

The power of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids combined has the potential to bring great benefits to the people that use them. This is why the extracts are classified into different spectrums.

THC – To Contain or Not to Contain

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Although it is very popular, there is much controversy over the use of THC. One side of the argument states that it is from a plant and it is harmless, while the other side argues that it is a terrible drug that will make you do terrible things. Although people can argue all that they want, there is not enough evidence that shows that using THC is as harmless as people believe. However, people have been smoking it for literally thousands of years and nobody has been able to prove that it is excessively harmful so the argument continues.

In any event, there are many people that do not want to use THC in even the slightest dose, so they seek hemp extract products exclusively for CBD that is separated from THC. This is where the different spectrums come into play.

As we mentioned above, a full-spectrum hemp extract will include the entire essence of the hemp plant, which includes THC. Although it is against the law to sell products that have more than 3% THC content, some people believe that even a trace of THC is harmful to them.

Some people could be extremely sensitive to THC, or they could be in some sort of drug recovery program that prohibits the use of all drugs. Whatever the case, the CBD industry has created a way to give the people what they want without stirring up too many waves in the process.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

The answer behind broad-spectrum CBD is actually a simple one. As we mentioned above the way the marketers market their products is to use the name of the item that creates the most buzz. A broad-spectrum CBD product is actually modified hemp extract that is designed to leave all of the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids intact within the final extract, but leave out the THC.

A broad-spectrum extract is not full-spectrum because it is missing a piece of the spectrum. When you use a broad-spectrum CBD product you can be confident that there is no THC in the product.

CBD Isolate Products

You may also see products advertised as “isolate CBD” products, such as a tincture or an oil. What this means is that the extraction process is modified so that it isolates the CBD within the extract and creates a material substance that is wholly CBD, and void of any other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. The purest form of CBD will be a crystalline substance that is water soluble and can be mixed into drinks or food.

Although CBD on its own is a powerful wellness aid, when it is combined with the rest of the beneficial parts that make up the plant it becomes even better. There are many different opinions on this topic, but most people prefer a full-spectrum or a broad-spectrum product over an isolate.


CBD, just like any other highly coveted product can be marketed and manipulated to look good to a certain group of people that become a “target market.” Never sell yourself short when it comes to using anything that you put into your body. When you are looking for results that will come from the use of CBD, always look for the best quality that you can find. High-quality CBD products are worth buying so seek out the winners in the CBD industry before you purchase from a cheap knockoff.